Sunday, January 17, 2010

Movin' on up

Last week, CBS Interactive moved to its brand new, state-of-the-art office. Knowing that you are dying for pictorial evidence and since I'm such a helpful person, I decided to take a few snapshots.

Right away, this is a huge improvement. Our old office had "Pizza Fusion" emblazoned above its front entrance, something that bristled everyone at CBS. Now we have a sign. It's a start.

The Octotron. The heart of the new office, this behemoth boasts of eight flat-screen televisions poised over a conference table we in the newsroom use for our weekday budget meetings. It's very possible this thing is a Decepticon and will kill us all. I just gave Michael Bay the idea for Transformers 3.

I took these on a Saturday night, so the office is mostly empty, except for us copy desk folk. These are a few of my workmates who are pretending to be very busy for the camera.

My desk. Some random things on my desk: Family Guy birthday cards, a Patriots pennant, a penguin, a Jack Bauer card, a mini rugby ball and an autograph from Patriots legend Roosevelt Colvin.

Most of the other desks look like this. Many others come equipped with their own HD television sets. Good for them.

The cafeteria, a huge improvement over the old one because it's a cafeteria. A place to eat. We only had a small room with two tables and some vending machines in the former office. Look at the pretty colors!

The Game Room. This is sweet. A pool table. A Nintendo Wii. Foozeball. And a ping-pong table. Is it the Mono Lisa of ping-pong tables? No, that honor rests with the Schaible-Hosseini masterpiece (or the Hosseini-Schaible project, pending litigation). It'll be tough to find time to come here all that often during working hours, but this is still the best part of the new building.

So there you go. The new place is a big improvement. The carpet is fresh. The office has that new office smell. There's light. There's openness. There are TVs bigger than thumbnails. Some small issues include not being able to get into the building without calling someone to let you in. Small hiccup. Our cards don't work on the outside door. The new phones are not working perfectly yet, either. Neither are some computers.

For the most part, the move went smoothly and some people worked around the clock (like Harrison Ford) to meet the target date. All in all, we're happy with our new digs. Aren't you jealous?

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