Thursday, August 12, 2010

The surrender

I'm a Twitter-er. Sigh.

My overlords at CBS strongly suggested we all join Twitter. It's the future, you know? I need to know the latest BS rumors about baseball trades and I need to see athletes murder the English language day after day, minute after minute. So I gave in after years of Twitter-phobia and joined.

You can find me at Evenflow226.

I've only been on for a few hours and already Twitter is annoying me. Every time I click on something, I get the "Secure Connection" warning, on both my home and work computers. And I'm following MLB so does that mean I have to see every single person's re-tweet or whatever it's called?

Ah, whatever. It's late. I'll look into it more tomorrow after I fall asleep drenched in my tears of shame.

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