Friday, January 28, 2011

A happy blog ... Siriusly

I am a customer of satellite radio.


Just a couple of weeks ago I splurged on Sirius XM radio, and my review is in .... FOUR STARS.

Instead of listening to the same CD on an endless loop to avoid the horrid terrestrial radio down here, I can enjoy Lithium - otherwise known as Satellite WBRU.

I broadened my musical horizons, going from classic rock all the way to independent rock. I can listen to Michael Kay or Jason Ellis. I can listen to gospel or 50's hits. There's even a Pearl Jam station, which mostly plays live stuff, but still. All Pearl Jam, all the time.

They even provide me with with the syringe of liberal propaganda I can shoot into my death-tax loving veins with America Left. And the dulcet tones of NPR if I ever need to fall asleep while driving.

I often find myself angry when I arrive at my destination now because a song I like is coming on. That NEVER happened before.

In addition, it brings back a few memories with some of their out-of-left-field selections. A few days ago, one station played "Fit But You Know It" from The Streets. A call-back from the college years. Maybe if I listen to the Spectrum station long enough, they'll throw up some JJ72.

And when they overplay a song, at least they overplay a good one. For some reason, I've heard "Thirty-three" from Smashing Pumpkins several times. They love that tune. So do I. Beats hearing Beastie Boys for sure.

One thing I worry about is the actual radio itself. I fear it sends a "Steal Me" signal to the local thieves running about in Florida. So I always detach the actual radio and stash it unseen to prying eyes inside my car. Paranoid? Or not enough? I don't know. It's my new puppy and I don't want anything bad to happen to it.

Anyway, just wanted to let y'all know how much I love having satellite radio. I needed to write a happy, uplifting blog entry anyway.

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