Sunday, August 16, 2009

My new toy

This is my 75th blog post, but my inaugural one on my new Toshiba laptop.

Yes, my old Compaq is on its last legs. It had basically run out of disk space. How did I know this? Well, it warned me 4,000 times a day. I would clean out some junk, delete some programs, erase the porn and that still would barely solve the problem.

In addition, the old laptop, which is about four years old, made a loud humming noise and was very slow to start up and shut down. Hence, I ventured to Best Buy to drop (hopefully) less than $1,000.

Being the bargain-hunter I am, I found one that cost me about $700, including pre-installed Microsoft Office and anti-virus.

The difference is night and day. My old computer is Dante Bichette and the new one is Usain Bolt. No major complaints, except the touch pad is WAYYYY to oversensitive. The other pain in the ass is having to burn all my CDs onto a new iTunes. You take having all those things on your old computer for granted, built up over the years. Now I need to remember my log-on information for online banking, Netflix, Sallie Mae, car insurance and all that good stuff.

So yes, who cares that I got a new laptop? Well, I do. And perhaps this will allow me to more efficiently document my exciting life for my needy audience on this here webspace.

Now excuse me as I burn my 20 Pearl Jam CDs. It'll take a while.

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