Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Protest fatigue

Thou doth protest too much.

Seriously, you do. This is America and the right to protest anything is as ingrained in our DNA as the right to eat anything. Good for us. Good for the hippies during Vietnam, the Gen X'ers during any WTO gathering. It's all good. And it's all out of hand.

For more than a year, the political media has gone Brangelina on the Tea Party rallies. They can't get enough. Every rally, every utterance by anyone who claims to be a Teabagger is covered with the same mania and gravitas as a papal announcement. During the height of the health care debate, the Tea Party ran the political coverage in this country. They were the Beatles and the folks from CNN, Fox, NBC, etc. were their shrieking, pre-pubescent female fans.

Fine. I have my problems with these protesters but I defend their right to gather. I would take their sudden concern over the debt and government power if they had the guts or smarts to protest under George Bush, but they didn't. They watched a surplus disappear into a huge debt because a president they voted for passed tax cuts they wanted and started a war they supported and yet they said nothing. Any claim these people are independent is a joke. They are disaffected, rabid Republicans who still don't accept Barack Obama as president. Period.

Of course they don't accept Obama. Many of them are still stewing over the Civil War. So a black guy getting elected will take some time to get used to.

A year of hearing these people is enough for me. We all get it. You don't know how to spell. You don't like Obama. You don't like that your taxes have gone down. You don't like Democrats in the White House. The media loves you, so much so they ignored 200,000 pro-immigration reform protesters to cover a few thousand at a Tea Party rally. I'm more than sick of it, but they haven't reached my last straw.

You never want to reach my last straw. This story is the last straw.

First, they're marching around D.C. with guns. Seems dangerous. Imagine if Iraq War protesters did that? (Remember: Tea Party protesters are "concerned" Americans who love their country. Anti-war protesters are slimy communists who need to get jobs.)

That's not even the worst thing. What I REALLY don't get is why they are protesting in the first place. Are they that bored? Because the Democrats have completely given up on the gun issue. The NRA has won and won big. You can take a gun to Starbucks for crying out loud. Barack Obama has never and will never go after your guns. He's never mentioned it, not once.

The Dems will only dip their toes in the ban of assault weapons. Of course, gun rights advocated will rip them for that, because who shouldn't have the capability of killing a massive amount of people in a very short time? How can people protect their homes against the roaming pack of super ninjas with just a plain old shotgun or revolver? No, they need Rambo weaponry. It's in the Constitution.

So you've already won, gun protesters. No one's coming after your guns. So why are you marching on Washington again, with guns on you in public? Are you grandstanding prima donnas or just ignorant morons?

I can't wait until they protest Obama's plan to inseminate alien sperm into all women between 18-45 so he can construct an unbeatable socialist army to take over the world. I'm sure the media can't wait either.

Meanwhile, I'll do my own protest. I'm done reading/wasting any more seconds on your "legitmate concerns." I disagree with what you say. I defend your right to say it. I defend my right to completely ignore you. If only the cameras would do the same.

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