Friday, January 9, 2009

Steve's Peeves

Here's a new segment I'm revealing where I will rail against the small injustices of the world.

Does Steve's Peeves sound dirty? Perhaps. But it rhymes.

These have been annoying me quite a while. If you want to post on this blog, you have to type in some confirmation code. If you want to post a video on Facebook, the same thing pops up. They infest all corners of the Internet like rats at 90 Byner Street. It's usually a string of random letters grouped tightly together and they snake to and fro, making it tough for an elderly person like me.

I just want to post some witty comments. Why the hassle? Sure, there are useless, please-die-already douchebags who sit at their supercomputers just thinking of ways to hack into MySpace accounts or send stupid emails. Illegible confirmation codes won't stop them. The U.S. Army will. Ship these Cheetos-crunching morons to Gitmo and make this world free for open and convenient Internet use.

Or the powers that be could just make the codes ... you know ... ACTUAL WORDS.

Instead of this: ref 12pdokrewr4546)8g fgh
in some random snake formation in an ancient Mayan font that not even Blogger can provide, do something like this ... DESTINY ... or SALAMANDER or CIANCI. The English language has plenty of words, so use them!

It just really grinds my gears.


  1. Ok I can't even read this whole thing before I comment on the fact that Steve's Peeves cracked me up.

  2. OK, here's the irony Steve. Every time I try to post on your blog, I have to enter a code (you can disable that by the way). It's fine. The problem is... the first 3 or 4 times I try, instead of a word coming up, I get a question mark. FAIL.