Thursday, January 29, 2009

For What It's Worth

I suppose only a few people will get this but I've been wanting do this for a while. Anyone who read the Projo's Bill Reynolds every Saturday morning will appreciate the urge I had to write this.

Basically, Zach might be the only person to find this remotely entertaining. Enjoy!

For What It's Worth ...

By Bill "Bunky" Reynolds

The Friars are having a good season, but they can turn that good season into a memorable one against powerhouse UConn.

A win over Syracuse is nice. A win over UConn is sublime. For the Friars can put the proverbial foot down and declare themselves to the nation, a little snowball gaining steam as it rolls down a cold mountain.

The Huskies have only one loss and players that we'll see in the NBA in subsequent years. That won't matter in Connecticut.

It won't matter if Providence can stake their claim and pull of the upset.

-- So much for that Joe Torre Yankeeography, huh?

-- I still don't get the appeal of Ryan Seacrest.

-- Seriously, a 9-7 team in the Super Bowl? Wake me up when it's over.

-- You know it's a strange world, Bunky, when companies will shell out millions for 30 seconds of airtime Sunday but lay off thousands of their employees.

-- Kids these days love their iPods. Count me in the Walkman camp.

-- Quiz of the Week: Brown will have two players in the Pro Bowl next week. Can you name them?

-- Jason Varitek needs to suck it up.

-- So does Rod Blagojevich.

-- There's no truth to the rumor that "The Dark Knight" was really about Providence city councilor Ganucci Donatello.

-- Or that this hellacious winter will ever end.

-- Line of the Week comes from former PC coach Pete Gillen on Dick Vitale: "I asked him which team would win the Super Bowl and he said, 'Duke.' "

-- "Casablanca" is a solid movie with some good lines.

-- Set in Tiverton, the new mystery novel "Run of the Mill" by Pawtucket writer Flanigan O'Leary is a page-turner.

-- Cuba Gooding Jr.'s career peaked in "Jerry Maguire."

-- Don't look now, but Eddie House is carrying the Celtics' bench. He can't miss from the behind the arc anymore. Stay in New York, Stephon.

-- You know the end of the world is upon us when more people vote for American Idol than a presidential election.

-- Good tidings to Luke DeLuca, the assistant junior varsity girl's volleyball coach at Salve Regina, who retired last week. They won three Division 45 district divisional regional semifinal titles during his stay. A good 25 years, Luke. And a better 25 more, hopefully.

-- Athletes are paid way too much money these days.

-- As if you didn't get the message when Manny Ramirez considered $50 million an insult.

-- Or when Varitek, an aging catcher who can't bat his weight and can't throw out base-stealers, looks down at $5 million a year.

-- Can someone insult me with $50 million, by the way?

-- There's no truth to the rumor that the Stimulus Bill is aimed at Tony Allen's career.

-- You know it's a strange world, Bunky, when more kids play with the computer than read books.

-- Whatever happened to the penny candy store?

-- Is it me or is TV more violent and sexually suggestive these days?

-- Teenagers get more exercise on the Wii than they do outside.

-- And we wonder why we all look like blimps.

-- Quiz answer: Sean Morey from the Arizona Cardinals and Zach DeOssie of the New York Giants.

-- Good luck on Sunday, Sean. Rhode Island will be rooting for you.

-- If we haven't frozen to death by then.

-- I would go to many places, Bunky, before you'd catch me at a Jonas Brothers concert.

-- The Patriots will be better with Tom Brady next year.

-- What he did was wrong and he deserved to be impeached, but I have to admire Blagojevich's pluck.

-- And his hair.

-- In fact, Blagojevich's hair was so bad on TV the other morning, I expected Bruce Sundlun to shoot him.

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  1. i got it! and numerous belly laughs out of this. well done, bunky.