Thursday, June 25, 2009

Holy #&%$!

I'll let the rest of the civilized world and the clever Facebook community comment on Michael Jackson's legacy today.

I leave the computer/TV for a few hours today, call my mom and find out that one of the biggest musical stars this planet will ever see died at 50. If it weren't for my Catholic mom, I would have screeched, "Holy %$*&!"

The "Holy ^%$&!" deaths have been very common the past year or so. Last year, I walked into work one day and saw every TV screen in the building telling me Heath Ledger had died. That was a shocker.

Then I'm in a New Zealand Starbucks a few months later and buried deep in the paper is the news of the sudden death of Tim Russert. Another stunner.

And then today. I'm not totally stunned because we all knew Michael Jackson was not too well, but still, he was just 50 years old.

The biggest "Holy @%$^!" death of all time - with consideration to JFK Jr. and Princess Di - for me was Phil Hartman. By all accounts a nice man and a great comedian, he was shot in his sleep by his wife, who then went on to kill herself hours later. I never expect people to be shot in their sleep, but if I were to expect it for celebrities, Phil Hartman would have been last on the list. I was dumbstruck.

Like billions of other people today, I think I'll go on YouTube and go through some of his greatest hits. It will take a while.

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