Monday, June 8, 2009

Listapalooza Part 2

You can never have enough lists ...

Top Movies I Have to Keep Watching if I See Them on TV
5. Airplane!
4. A Time to Kill
3. My Cousin Vinny
2. The Rock
1. A Few Good Men

Top 5 non-sports video games
5. Duck Hunt
4. Sonic the Hedgehog
3. Contra -- An insane game with the most famous cheat code in history.
2. Super Mario Brothers -- All the games have merged into one in my memory. I still love Yoshi and the timeless music.
1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II -- This was the arcade version, a much-improved sequel to the impossible-to-beat first TMNT game. I celebrated in the street with my friend when I beat this game -- and I'm not kidding.

Top 3 cartoons that scared me a young'n
3. He-Man
2. Sleeping Beauty -- For whatever reason, the ending really freaked me out, especially when the evil lady at the end formed into a dragon.
1. Popeye -- Just look at him!

Top celebrity crushes (formative years)
5. Mariah Carey
4. Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies)
3. Summer Sanders
2. Jennifer Love Hewitt
1. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Most embarrassing songs on my iPod

5. Nobody's Home -- Avril Lavigne
4. Building a Mystery -- Sarah McLachan
3. Love Will Lead You Back -- Taylor Dane
2. Time of My Life -- Dirty Dancing (Not my fault. This song was drilled into my head since my sisters watched this movie about 4 billion times.)
1. Hit Me Baby (One More Time) -- Britney Spears

Top songs that are among my favorites you may not know
5. Dreaming of You -- The Coral
4. Mr. Writer -- Stereophonics
3. Munich -- The Editors
2. I'm Stupid -- Prime STH
1. Morning Afterglow -- Electracy: If you listened to WBRU in the late 1990's, you knew this song. How was it not a huge hit???

Top TV shows that left us too soon
5. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- A recent casualty
4. Undeclared -- A show about kids moving to college just when I was moving to college
3. 3 South -- It was funny and worthwhile, so obviously MTV canceled it.
2. Arrested Development -- I can't criticize since I didn't watch it while it was on TV either.
1. Andy Richter Controls the Universe -- A kookier, crazier, earlier version of The Office, right down to the "guy has crush on cute receptionist" theme.

Top RI foods I miss the most
5. Clam Cakes
4. Awful Awfuls
3. Doughboys -- Loved Iggy's and McCoy Stadium's doughboys. They call it fried dough down here ... morons.
2. Coffee milk -- I still get my share, but it's hard work
1. More clam cakes

Top bands/performers rock radio stations should play if they want me to change the channel

5. Ozzy Osbourne
4. Beastie Boys
2. Kid Rock
1. Nickleback

Top people with whom I'd love to have lunch

5. Bill Belichick
4. Natalie Portman
3. Kiefer Sutherland
2. Barack Hussein Obama
1. Eddie Vedder

Top personal travel destinations

5. Hawaii
4. Canada
3. England
2. Germany
1. Seattle

Top "Why haven't I been there yet?" places

5. Philadelphia

4. Bunker Hill

3. Basketball Hall of Fame

2. Block Island

1. Baseball Hall of Fame

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