Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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For those who don't know, I traveled to the great country of New Zealand last summer. One song I heard for the first time over there is "Sweet About Me" by Australian artist Gabriella Cilmi. It's the one tune I associate with the entire trip. It sets off all my memories, like elitist wine tasting and malfunctioning vehicles.

The video made an impression on me. First, because the singer is what some would call a good-looking person. Like the first time I saw "Hit Me Baby One More Time," I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.

Come to find out, she was 16 years old. I felt like a dirty old man. But can you blame me? Watch this video and tell me she looks 16. She has to be at least 33. Maybe 45.

So while listening to a pop music station on Sirius, this song came on. And I was excited. This little song I liked from New Zealand has come to America! It's finally on iTunes! Maybe she's finally starting to make it in America. Why not? She has an Amy Winehouse type voice except you don't turn to stone when you look at her. (Yeah, it's superficial but we all know how important looks are.) Oh, and she might live past 30.

So there. I like the song. It reminds me of New Zealand and I think this one has what it takes to make the big time. I expect a big commission.

I continue to enlighten you people on other cultures. You're welcome.

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