Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dream FAIL

I have trouble remembering my most vivid dreams. Usually, I wake up with the memory of something intense, but the details are long gone. I once had your typical "lost in the supermarket" dream when I was a little kid and it terrified me. Other than that one, most of the time it's the feeling I remember, not the specifics.

Lately, I've had a string of dreams I actually recall and they all involve school. High school to be exact.

It has been eight years since I graduated high school, yet every dream I have had recently centers on a couple of things.

1. I'm in some old class and there's a few random people from my past there to take me back to my Thunderbolt years.

2. There's always a surprise quiz or test. Or there's a paper due. Yet I'm always unprepared for it or I flunk it.

3. A strong feeling of shame and/or embarrassment washes over me.

Dream ends.

One very, very strange dream I just had involved Vice President Joe Biden. The fact that he showed up in one of my dreams weirds me out, quite frankly. In the dream, I have to make a presentation to him on Afghanistan or Pakistan. I'm waiting outside his office and when he calls me in, I suddenly panic because I don't know much about either country. I flip through a map as a form of some last-minute cramming and then I bullshit my way through the meeting. I know this does not involve school, but it does involve the feeling of being unprepared or forgetful. What I can't remember about this dream is whether I was able to fool the VP. I know the dream continued, I just can't call up the details.

Yeah, very odd. But then again, dreams are supposed to be odd. I once had a dream that I was being pushed around in a shopping cart by some woman who then forgot me at the checkout counter.

The aspects of these recurring dreams that confuses me are the high school parts and me not being prepared for tests or papers. One of the few things I was good at during high school was being prepared for such work. I had very good grades. In essence, these dreams sort of undermine one of the few talents I had during those years.

Odd. Maybe I'll need to buy one of those dream interpretation books so I can finally discern what what my subconscious is trying to tell me. And really, I'm 27. It's time to stop dreaming about Cranston East or term papers.

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  1. I have recurring dreams like this when a big event is coming up. Like, before a school dance I'd always have a dream that I didn't buy a dress, didn't have time to get my hair done, etc. And ALWAYS before a big trip, I dream that I forgot to pack my suitcase and I don't have enough time to do that and catch my plane. Naturally, I'm having these dreams two-fold now. Is there a common link?