Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Steve's Peeves

Two for the price of one today.

Enough is enough. The time has come for PC and Mac (Microsoft and Apple) to come to a truce. After 450,048 versions of that Apple commercial, I'm going on a Justin Long boycott. Count me out of "Drag Me to Hell" or whatever it's called.

I get it. The PC is old and stodgy while the Mac is hip and cool, like pogs back in the day. I get it. I got it five years ago when this damn campaign started.

Now Microsoft has countered. You have 8-year olds claiming to be PC's. Then they're sending people to stores to buy computers as we follow them along. I hated this when I went to the mall with my mom and sisters and they'd spend 45 minutes in a Claire's that's no bigger than a dorm room. So I don't like tagging along while people shop for computers during every commercial break to every sports game on the air.

Just ... stop ... it.

I fought with my sisters all the time. Chairs were thrown, as were insults. One would credit the collapse of the Japanese economy to stagflation and burgeoning trade deficits while I cited credit defaults and over-production in the technology markets. These arguments grew heated many times. But eventually we stopped. It's not worth it.

Someday I pray Microsoft and Apple will follow suit.



So John Locke was dead all along? I was all pumped to see the new Locke, confident, with a purpose. He's by far (it's not even close) the most interesting character on the show. From defeated paraplegic to mysterious hunter savant to possible leader, the journey of Locke mirrored the journey of the whole show - redemption.

Then Lost turned into Star Trek or Quantum Leap. Not saying I dislike it, but that's what happened. So I bought his resurrection and the episodes with him and Ben were the best this season. I loved the new Locke.

But in the finale, we see Locke's dead body ... again. So the Locke we've seen this season is some doppelganger on a mission to kill Jacob. Looks like it succeeded, but then again, you never know with this insane show.

For all I know, Locke is still alive somehow for the last season. But for right now, I'm a bit disappointed. I hope he finds his redemption somehow.

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