Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Release the terrorists!

Sometimes debates in our country become so stupid, so sophomoric that it makes my chest hurt.

This recent hullabaloo about the Senate overwhelmingly denying the White House funds to close the Guantanamo Bay prison is one of those instances.

It's long past clear that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is one of the more spineless, clueless and ineffectual leaders in American politics today. With 59 votes, he can barely pass one piece of legislation without watering it down with Republican sewage. And, hell, there are times when he can't get anything done because of the ever present bogeyman ... the Republican Filibuster.

Apparently, the Democrats need 90 votes to get anything done. Actually, that's not enough. Two hundred should do it. Maybe then Democrats will understand that the voting public has rejected the conservatives in two straight elections. No longer do they need to piss their pants anytime Newt Gingrich or Dick Cheney says something mean.

So once the rightwing nuts started screaming, "No terrorists in our backyards!" the streaks began to appear down the legs of most Dems. Because, of course, Obama plans to unleash the detainees at Guantanamo onto the streets of America, with complimentary explosives and blueprints to subways and federal buildings. Khalid Sheikh Muhammed will move into the house next door! He'll be watering his lawn when you go to work in the morning! He'll be at your PTA meetings. Oh Lordy!

Nevermind the fact that plenty of terrorists sit in our SuperMax prisons right now. They've been there for years. The mastermind of the first attack on the Towers sits in a U.S. prison. Charles Manson sits in a U.S. prison. Eric Rudolph sits in a U.S. prison. If there's anything we Americans do better than anyone else, it is imprison people. For a long time. And they never leave. (Unless you're Michael Scofield.)

But now, all of a sudden, our maximum security prisons are day camps where terrorists come and go as they please. The only solution, according to morons, is stash everyone in an extra-legal island prison that is an affront to everything the Constitution stands for.

Many Dems bought this bullshit talking point. Reid's office released a statement saying: "He will always strongly oppose the release of any terrorists onto American streets."

I haven't heard Obama say, "Release the terrorists! Let them run free!" This is the most powerful person in the Senate and yet he sounds like Sean Hannity here. Amazing.

He also said he doesn't work for President Obama. He works with him. That's nice to hear. Stand up to the President. Don't be a rubber stamp. Stand up to that dictator Obama!

Now, if you please, stand up to the Republicans, too.

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